Subject Areas

Subject Areas at the School of the Arts & Media are designed to help you excel your career and pursue your passion in a specialised area of study. Within each subject area, we combine theoretical knowledge with practical application. Ultimately, enabling you to apply your learning to a real-life context, emerging you from out under the books and into the world.

Creative Writing at UNSW empowers you to produce innovative contributions to contemporary literature. You’ll explore fresh, experimental writing across genres in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction and ficto-criticism. 

UNSW English Literary Studies ranks in the world’s top 40 departments of English Literature. You’ll study with teachers and researchers who are deeply passionate about their work and believe that English is more than an academic discipline. 

Over its 120-year history, film has evolved from a novelty item to a medium that informs every aspect of society and contemporary life. Studying Film Studies at UNSW will help you tell stories, share human experiences, document reality, and expand perceptual horizons as an experimental art form.  

Studying Media and Communications at UNSW provides the opportunity to investigate the professional, social, cultural, political, economic and philosophical aspects of contemporary media technologies, industries and practices.  

By studying Music, you’ll learn that music is more than just an expression. Music-making requires technical and stylistic mastery and engagement with the key issues that underline the complexity and universality of music.

Explore live performance in all its diversity through Theatre and Performance Studies at UNSW. Be part of stage plays with professional directors, work with a team on collaborative creations, stage an action in public spaces or undertake work as a solo performer.

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