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The School of the Arts & Media provides you with exciting opportunities to learn from experienced staff who are continually engaged with contemporary developments in the media, creative and performing arts industries. Supported with excellent facilities, you'll have the chance to analyse, create, produce and perform as you study texts, contemporary culture, aesthetics, and the history of music, cinema, dance, media, and theatre and performance.


We offer undergraduate students a range of degrees and subject areas in the fields of English, media, performing arts and more. 

Our honours programs combine features of undergraduate study and postgraduate research. Students develop their research skills and deepen their understanding in the subject area of their choice.

We offer a variety of industry-relevant postgraduate programs that can be taken at the master level. We focus on producing courses where students participate in an evolving environment.

We're distinguished by contemporary and interdisciplinary scholarship in the creative and performing arts. We have an exceptional record of scholarly achievement in English Literature, Cultural Studies and Music.

Subject Areas

Our real-world subject areas are designed to help students explore the depths of human expression and creativity. You can choose to study in a range of areas including creative writing, dance, English literary, film and much more.

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Course Information

View the latest course outlines to help you understand each course: its aims, learning outcomes, requirements and assessment. Before your course start date, review your outline to ensure that you’re prepped and ready to hit the ground running.

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Resources & Support

Find useful student resources from the School of the Arts & Media including common forms, key contacts, information about academic advising and a range of support services that will help you get the most out of your university experience. 

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