Alisa McPherson Fellowships 2018

Awarded to a Doctoral or Masters graduate of UNSW School of the Arts and Media (and its forerunner Schools) to either develop their thesis submission for book publication or to develop a new area of research or creative practice on an approved topic. In accordance with the bequest, the thesis and subsequent book or the new research/creative practice area must be on a topic relating to music, film, theatre or literature in nineteenth-century Australia.

The Fellowship consists of an honorarium award of $20,000 and research support of $5,000. The research support may be used for fieldwork, other research costs, or publication subvention. The honorarium will be paid in two equal amounts – at the commencement of the Fellowship and at the successful completion of the project as approved by the Head of School. UNSW may offer more than one Fellowship in any year and a suitable appointee may also be awarded an honorary appointment with UNSW for the term of the Fellowship.


  1. must have already successfully completed and been awarded a Doctoral or Masters degree from UNSW School of the Arts and Media (and its forerunner Schools); and,

  2. beither i) have a well developed book proposal and ideally, already have support and agreement from a reputable publisher; or ii) have a viable academic research or creative practice project they wish to undertake on an approved topic.

Awards will be made annually commencing in 2018. Applications are due by 1 March each year and should be emailed in one PDF document to the Head of the School of the Arts & Media, UNSW Sydney 2052.

To be considered applicants must submit:

  1. Their UNSW and other University official academic transcripts.
  2. A current curriculum vitae (no more than four pages A4).
  3. Either: i) Abstract from the thesis to be considered; detailed plans for book publication; and, letter of offer, contract or a similar expression of interest from a reputable publisher. Or: ii) a detailed academic research or creative practice proposal of no more than two pages A4 containing an overview of the project, project plan, proposed publication outcomes or public dissemination outcomes, brief bibliography and a personal statement addressing how the project relates to previous work by the applicant.
  4. A proposed budget for the research support of $5,000 (no more than one page A4).

The Fellowships will continue to be offered until all funds from the bequest are utilised. Applicants may only receive the Fellowship once and no extension of the Fellowship is possible. The Fellowship project is to be completed within twelve months of the Fellowship award. Publications or other public outcomes arising from the Fellowship should carry an acknowledgement to the Ailsa McPherson Fellowships, School of the Arts & Media, UNSW Sydney.

Assessment of the Ailsa McPherson Fellowships will be by the Head of School, Arts & Media, UNSW Sydney who will seek advice from the Associate Dean (Research) and/or School Research Convenor and from a senior member of staff in the relevant discipline area.

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