Creative Practice Lab

UNSW Creative Practice Lab (CPL) is a specialised arts unit within the School of the Arts and Media (SAM) that supports teaching and practice-led research across a diverse range of disciplines. We manage the School's performance venues, rehearsal studios and technical resources. 

CPL staff members are industry professionals, technical magicians, filmmakers, producers, sound-makers and production designers. We work closely with students, researchers and artists to develop new work, and we holda range of inspiring events throughout the year. 

What help is available? 

We have resources and information in all areas of production for live performance and screen arts. There are many performance and rehearsal spaces attached to the school as well as costumes, set, props and equipment that you may find useful. 

You can use any of our performance venues for filming; however, you will need to do book ahead as they are very popular. There are also rehearsal studios on the third floor of Webster, as well as two Dance Studios situated behind Io Myers Studio. Find out more about Venues and Hire.  

The CPL team support the creative practices in the School of the Arts and Media. The many facets of the CPL's work include: producing, supporting and instructing in the development of performance and cross-media works; operating and maintaining resources and facilities and linking the University with the professional creative industries. 

For more information on the facilities, props and costumes, technical resources and range of venues and spaces available for hire, visit Venues and Hire

The SAM Alumni Residency Program is an initiative from the School of the Arts & Media (SAM) and the Arts & Social Sciences Faculty to support our recent graduates in their professional creative endeavours. This flexible residency program is designed to support the development of a specific project and is open to Alumni from all disciplines in the School. 

To be considered a recent graduate for this program, applicants need to have completed their studies between 2008 - 2017 inclusive. 

Resident artist(s) will have access to SAM facilities and resources - depending on availability - for up to 4 weeks including rehearsal spaces, recording studios, audio-visual equipment, workshops, and props and costumes stores. You will benefit from access to the expertise of the staff in the UNSW Creative Practice Lab (CPL) and the UNSW Arts & Social Sciences Technical Resource Centre. This includes technical and production advice, access to industry networks, and design advice. We will also provide connection to relevant academic teaching and research staff where appropriate. Applicants will be able to shape their own residency, within the parameters of available resources. 

Along with access to facilities and resources, the selected artist(s) will be awarded a grant up to $5,000.

We work with industry partners from artist development to production and incorporate artists’ process and outcomes into teaching and research. Visiting artists provide opportunities for researchers and students to engage with their work, providing expertise in specific disciplinary fields and access to creative networks. 

There are invitations to showings and works in progress - we encourage you to attend, ask questions and give feedback. 

Su Goldfish, Manager/Producer - email or call 9385 4863
Contact for: general enquiries and programming 

Mark Mitchell, Production Manager - email or call 9385 4863 
Contact for: equipment hire and technical assistance

Paul Matthews, Designer - email or call 9385 5378  
Contact for: costume, set and prop hire; production and graphic design assistance 

Tom Hogan, Communications & Technical Assistant - email or call 9385 5684 

If you require assistance, please call us and make an appointment first. 

The UNSW Creative Practice Lab is situated in the newly built E8 Theatres Building. It's so new, it's not even on the map yet! 

Enter the UNSW Kensington campus via Gate 2 High St and turn right at the roundabout into Third Avenue. The entrance is off this road, opposite the University Terraces carpark. Photo of our entrance above. 

The Creative Practice Lab offices are on the basement level. Enter through the glass doors and down the stairs to the left, or down the elevator and along the corridor to the right. 


There is very limited parking in the Gate 2 area around the E8 Theatres. During the day, paid parking is available opposite our entrance beneath the University Terraces. Free parking is available from 6:30pm in the car park next to NIDA accessed through Day Ave. There are loading zones around the Gate 2 area. 

For more information go to Plan Your Visit.

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