UNSWriting Recordings and Podcasts

Stream or download recordings from our previous UNSWriting events.

The New Essay: Fiona Wright & Jessica Friedmann in conversation with Roanna Gonsalves


Writing Contemporary Australia: Michelle de Kretser & Roanna Gonsalves in conversation with Suneeta Peres da Costa


Writing War: Kassem Eid and Mohammed Hanif in conversation


Rewriting the Nation: Roanna Gonsalves, Paula Abood, Maryam Azam in a conversation facilitated by journalist Kate Evans


Michael Mohammad Ahmad and Omar Sakr in Conversation


Behrouz Boochani launches his book, No Friend But the Mountains: Writing From Manus Prison

Ceridwen Dovey in conversation with Michaela Kalowski

Roundtable - Story-Telling, Diaspora Identities, Trauma And Memory

Watch the trailers for the films discussed during this Roundtable here:

Mary Zounarzi: the Dogs of Democracy
Behrouz Boochani and Arash Kamali Sarvestani: Chauka Please Tell Us The Time
Su Goldfish: The Last Goldfish

Race & Comedy - Osamah Sami in conversation with Michael Mohammed Ahmad

Political Thriller – Wong Souk Yee in conversation with Colin Chua

What's Feminism Got To Do With It? - Roxane Gay

Aboriginal Crime Writing - Nicole Watson, in conversation with Alison Whittaker

Cosmopolitan Queer - Alison Whittaker, Anna Westbrook & Peter Polites

Foreign-ness – Michelle Cahill & Ouyang Yu

In Conversation with Jeanine Leane

On Performance Curation - Stephanie Rosenthal

American-Australian Poetry - Chris Nealon & Pam Brown

Women, Violence & Survival - Charlotte Wood & Jane Messer

Mireille Juchau in conversation with Stephanie Bishop

Stephanie Bishop in conversation with Michaela Kalowski

Evie Wyld in conversation with Clementine Ford

In Conversation with Anne Buist

In Conversation with Ellen Van Neervan 

Marie Mankura in conversation with Anne Brewster

Eimear McBride in conversation with Ronan McDonald - Sydney Writers' Festival

Jeremy Scahill in Conversation with Chris Masters

In Conversation with Ross Gibson

In Conversation with Tony Birch

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