Visiting Artists & Creative Projects

We work with industry partners from artist development to production, and incorporate artist processes and outcomes into teaching and research. Visiting artists provide opportunities for researchers and students to engage with their work, providing expertise in specific disciplinary fields and access to creative networks. 

There are also many invitations to showings and works in progress. We encourage you to attend, ask questions and give feedback. 



SAM Alumni Creative Residency & Grant Co-Recipients

Left to Right: Alexandra Spence, Michael Brady, Mohini Herse

Our 2020 recipients for the SAM Alumni Creative Residency & Grant are (left to right) Alexandra Spence, Michael Brady and Mohini Herse.

The artists will complete their residencies at various dates throughout 2020, working in SAM rehearsal spaces, recording studios and using production facilities and equipment. Read more about our 2020 recipients here

Young Women's Jazz Orchestra

Aerial view of the Young Women's Jazz Orchestra playing

The Young Women’s Jazz Orchestra (YWJO) is a dynamic large ensemble for talented young women aged 16-23 interested in pursuing jazz at a professional level, honing their improvisation skills and looking for experience playing in a large ensemble.

Ensemble members receive tutelage from experienced professional musicians, and professional performance opportunities at popular Sydney venues including Camelot Lounge, Lazybones Lounge, Foundry 616 and more. The band also plays at respected festivals including the Manly Jazz Festival, Sydney International Women’s Jazz Festival and Blackheath Jazz Festival. 



Performance Space Experimental Residency

Zaya Barroso // Liveworks 2019

Zaya Barroso

Zaya Barroso is a singer-songwriter and performer with a rich and diverse background in Sydney’s music scene. After launching a solo career in 2015, she has performed as the support act for Suzy Shock in Buenos Aires in 2016, and, Tránsito, a music video Zaya directed, was screened at the Peltz Gallery in London, CCCB in Barcelona and Bologna, Italy. Tránsito explores hormones, re-birth and processes of transformation. 

Zaya’s song-writing is unapologetically honest, tapping into her personal experiences of resilience against abusers, and transphobia, within fascistic organisations and families. She is motivated by celebrating life as it is whilst creating and staging art in the moment, within the everyday. Zaya believes in expression as activism, choosing the dance-floor to explore both struggle and joy. 

Gail Priest // Liveworks 2019

Gail Priest


Gail Priest in collaboration with Tom Burless with guest performances by Sonya Holowell and Carolyn Connors.

Sound artist Gail Priest will work with designer/fabricator Tom Burless to explore a range of material manifestations of sounds with a particular interest in cymatic visualisation. Cymatics is the process in which a liquid or fine grained substance shows the vibrational patterns of a sound. While cymatics has become popular over the last few years, Gail and Tom will be drawing on the lesser known processes of pioneering scientist and vocalist Margaret Watts-Hughes, creator of the Eidophone in 1885. The installation and concert performances attempt to illustrate the ongoing negotiation of sounding events and material surfaces exploring the relational zone between objects and their qualities — the visible and the invisible. 

Visit Performance Space here.



SAM Alumni Creative Residency & Grant Recipient

David Williams: Public Good

David Williams

David was in the Creative Practice Lab spaces in early November 2018, developing his project Public Good (Parts 1-4). The residency will be an epic expansion of his recent verbatim theatre works exploring workplace cultures. He's put together a dream team of creatives, including Gail Priest, Rosalyn Oades, and Isabel Hudson.



SAM Alumni Creative Residency & Grant Co-Recipients

Sonya Holowell & Elia Bosshard: Three Voices

Sonya Holowell

We are developing the musical work Three Voices by Morton Feldman, to be performed within a theatrical, concert framework. There will be 3 performances at Sydney Fringe Festival in mid-September 2017. The performance will be documented to develop a media package that will be presented to potential host venues for a national tour of the work in 2018.

Three Voices is a rarely-performed work of 50 minutes duration for 1 live singer & 2 pre-recorded vocal parts. Our performance explores how sudden life events can deeply affect the human psyche & alter our perception of the world. We are inspired by the delayed entry of the lyrics “Who’d have thought that snow falls,” & Sonya’s personal discovery of her Australian Indigenous heritage. Both cases involve a collision of known & unknown worlds, histories & identities, and evoke questions of reconciliation.

The venue provided by Sydney Fringe Festival is a unique space. It is a 1600m2 commercial warehouse to be used as a flexible black box space. The acoustics are a phenomenal addition to the work’s concept, allowing the 3 voices to resonate across the cavernous space.

Our wider artistic objective is to revolutionise the stigma of 20th-21st Century classical music as being a foreign & niche listening experience, by reforming concert structure, challenging & subverting conventions, audience relationships to & perceptions of classical performance.

This performance will be a notable signifier of our long-term artistic intentions & will be an important addition to our portfolio of work. Considering its earnest reception so far & the sizeable undertaking of this project, we feel 'Three Voices' has strong touring potential, also giving it a deserving longevity. 


Nick Atkins, Kevin Ng, Ryan McGoldrick: Little Business

Left to Right: Nick Atkins, Ryan McGoldrick, Kevin Ng

It’s none of yours but it’s all of ours.

Filibuster is a next-generation political theatre company from performance-makers Nick Atkins, Ryan McGoldrick and Kevin Ng. We tell stories for the mini-masses in order to remember, re-mobilise and re-materialise the modern political mess.

Filibuster is hosting four Long Table performances from August to November at Customs House as part of City of Sydney’s Late Night Library series. These performances bring 12 participants into dialogue with 3 artists curated on a monthly basis. Hosted by the Filibuster team, each performance ambitiously seeks to ‘fix’ democracy and documents the group's inevitable failure. These are the people. This is our table. At the conclusion of The People’s Table we will have; audio recordings, written materials, testimonies and provocations from the participants as well as carry between us a gut instinct on the state of democracy in the city of Sydney.

We want to make a new show. After listening to the electorate and gathering our data, the Filibuster team plans to hack its way through the first stage development of a new performance informed by the findings of The People’s Table. What form this performance takes is up for grabs. We’re inspired by Version 1.0, Roslyn Oades, pvi Collective and Punch Drunk. In search of form and function, we plan to riff on materials from The People’s Table - organising the texts we’ve gathered, writing new material off the back of it, experimenting with the audio content captured and distilling the lessons learned. 



SAM Alumni Creative Residency & Grant Recipient

Mish Grigor

Mish Grigor

March | Io Myers Studio 

“I remember the year 2020, I remember the flood. I remember the internet. I remember the artists who loved the internet. I remember that all fondly. I remember the end of it all, the end of the storage of information, then the end of information. I remember the day that we realised that we had to end history. I remember the end of history.”  

During their residency at UNSW Mish Grigor and Jess Olivieri will develop SITUATION – TRAGEDY a work that will play with narrative and the end of narrative. SITUATION – TRAGEDY will activate the stage using improvised text, and disembodied voices. Improvised instructions for audiences will be used to drive the narrative and performance. The work developed will continue an ongoing collaboration between the two artists.



SAM Alumni Creative Residency & Grant Recipient

Anya McKee

Photo of Anya McKee's performance

Dancer and choreographer Anya McKee, who has performed with the likes of Kate Champion’s Force Majeure, has been chosen as the inaugural UNSW School of the Arts and Media (SAM) alumni resident artist.

Anya will use the $5000 stipend and campus facilities that come with the position to develop a new work with dancer and aerialist Lee-Anne Litton.