Creative Practice

The School of the Arts & Media, in partnership with the UNSW Creative Practice Lab, has built strong relationships within the creative arts industry. We’re committed to our place in the arts and media communities; connecting students, supporting innovative practices, providing expertise and thought leadership, and contributing to public debate.  

We work with industry partners who offer expertise in specific disciplinary fields and access to popular artist networks. We work with our industry partners from artist development through to production and incorporate the artists’ process and outcomes into our teaching and research. Our industry partners connect directly with students through a comprehensive program of industry internships.  

Visiting artists form part of our school's vibrant creative environment. With our industry partners, we support artists through residencies, fellowships and research projects. These artists are generous and open to inviting researchers into their process, showing works-in-progress to students, participating in documentation and archiving processes and offering internship opportunities to students.

The Esme Timbery Creative Practice Lab is both a brand new building and a specialised arts lab within the School of the Arts & Media. The building is a world class teaching, research and public performance venue. The people are industry professionals who support teaching and practice-led research across our diverse range of disciplines.

Industry professionals, technical magicians, filmmakers, producers, sound-makers and production designers. We work closely with students, researchers and artists to develop new work. We manage the School's performance venues, rehearsal studios, technical resources, and props and costumes. Join us for a range of inspiring events throughout the year.

Our venues and resources are managed by the UNSW Creative Practice Lab with the School of the Arts & Media office. Primarily for student and staff coursework and research, venues are also available to the Arts Industry for commercial hire.

We host special events, workshops and public talks that bring together the public and high calibre artists, writers and academics. Keep an eye on our events calendar.


There are a plethora of opportunities for all students at the School of the Arts & Media, even our graduates!

Explore the possibilities from creative residencies and prizes to exciting internships in performing arts, creative writing, film and much more.

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