Globalisation and Governance

An impressive gathering of some of the most innovative minds in the world of academic research is helping governance bodies respond to the opportunities and challenges of globalisation.

Every day we see the results of the fact that the world around us is moving rapidly and inexorably away from a territorial model and towards a universal one. Globalisation is one of the most significant social processes of our time and it affects every aspect of our lives, from politics to the economy, from business revenue to individual savings and from security to technology.

Governance in an increasingly globalised environment, whether it be at a local, regional, national or international level, must keep up with this change or face becoming at best ineffectual or at worst a severe liability. Esteemed members of the UNSW Globalisation & Governance (G&G) Research Network conduct and support some of the most innovative and important research in this arena. Their collective experience, reputations, publishing records, prestigious awards and funded research projects clearly demonstrate the respect they have earned within academia, government and industry.

Our research strength comes not just from the fact that our globalisation and governance research is truly diverse, crossing a range of disciplinary traditions including Political Science, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Criminology, Social Work, Disability Studies, Law and Health Sciences. It also encompasses various levels of analysis and empirical focus including dynamics between various levels of governance, and boasts a powerful mix of theoretical sophistication and practical application.

The impact of our work

The practical interests and outcomes of our research projects have had significant impact on policy and practice. Our experts have served in advisory roles for national and international governmental organisations such as the UNHCR, the UN CONGO Committee, the UN Commission for the Status of Women and the Australian Federal Police.

NGOs such as GetUp!, AID/WATCH, Jubilee Australia, the Australian Refugee Rights Alliance, Women With Disabilities Australia and many more have sought our experts’ advisory services, as have community groups such as the Migration Heritage Centre and National Geographic (USA). Our researchers sit on the boards of such Centres as the Gilbert and Tobin Centre for Public Law and the Australian Centre for Human Rights, as well as delivering papers, workshops and training internationally.

As guest lecturers, our researchers have visited universities around the globe, from the UK to South Korea to Europe, the USA and Taiwan. They have organised and hosted major international conferences as well as national and international workshops, as diverse as Australia’s Climate Change Diplomacy (funded by the Australian Academy of the Social Sciences and the Ingram Foundation) and the Globalisation and Social Transformation Workshop at the University of Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia.

Evidence of excellence

Our researchers have published many books and a substantial number of refereed journal articles in leading scholarly and popular presses. We collaborate with and publish alongside prominent researchers from over 35 universities around the globe.

We have a strong track record of securing grants including eight ARC Discovery Grants, one ARC Linkage Grant, two ARC Future Fellowships and one NHMRC grant. Competitive grants are also held from such institutions as the Australia-India Institute, DFAT, AUSAID Department for International Development, DIAC Displaced Persons Program, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and others.

The extent of our research leadership is evidenced by the fact that our scholars are founders and members of numerous national and international research networks, such as the UN’s Asian Women Human Rights Council and Asia Pacific Women’s Watch, as well as The Feminist International Institutionalism Network based at Edinburgh University, the Feminist International Network of State Architecture co-hosted by Carleton University Ottawa, the Sexuality, Gender and Human Rights Program at the Carr Centre for Human Rights Policy at Harvard University and many more.

Finally, our researchers hold and have held a number of prestigious competitive fellowships such as a Korea Foundation Fellowship at Seoul National University, a Hallsworth Fellowship at the University of Manchester, an Australian European University Institute Fellowship and numerous Associate and Visiting Fellowships at major institutions worldwide.