Research Strengths

Social Justice and Equity:  Criminology, Indigenous Justice, Social Policy, Social Wellbeing and Health, Disability Studies, Gendered Violence, Language and Literacy Education, Specialist Studies in Education

Cultural Inquiry and Political Change:  Forced Migration, Human Rights and Human Security, Development Studies and International Relations, Globalisation and Governance, Environmental Humanities, Historical Studies, Political and Social Theory, Learning and Cognitive Processes

Contemporary Humanities and Creative Arts:  Creative and Performing Arts, Language Studies, Translation and Interpreting, Contemporary Philosophy and Bio-politics, Screen Studies, Literary Studies, Digital Cultures

Researchers in the School of Education explore the cognitive, motivational and social processes relevant to learning and achievement, educational policy and leadership, assessment,
and special education including gifted education. Addressing the key issues of language and literacy, and equity and diversity in education, research in this area is driven by a strong commitment to community engagement and working collaboratively with industry and international research partners.

Researchers and creative practitioners in the School of Arts and Media are international leaders in Performing Arts, Literary Studies, Creative Writing, Film, Television and Digital Media. Ranging from award-winning novelists and composers to renowned literary theorists, film, performance and media researchers, creative practice and research in
this area engages with global and local issues in innovative ways designed to reach audiences from within and beyond the university community.

Researchers in the School of Humanities and Languages range from world-leading historians
and philosophers to highly recognised and innovative researchers in Environmental Humanities, Asian and European languages and culture. Spanning award-winning research on Empire and Australian History to cutting-edge work on global cinema and Asian media studies, researchers in this area are committed to innovative interdisciplinary approaches to contemporary cultural issues.

Researchers in the School of Social Sciences engage in field-defining research at both international and national levels across a wide range
of disciplines, including Criminology, Sociology,
Social Work, Public Policy
and International Relations. Committed to collaborative interdisciplinary approaches to key social and political issues, researchers in this area in Forced Migration, Gendered Violence, Globalisation and Governance are closely aligned with UNSW’s global vision.

The Social Policy Research Centre is at the forefront of generating change across a wide range of social policies, including disability, children and families, and care. Researchers study and evaluate social policy in Australia and China, and produce innovative, influential scholarship that drives change in critical areas of inequality and wellbeing.

The Centre for Social Research in Health influences and responds to national and international health strategies with the aim of improving the health and well-being of individuals and communities by conducting high quality social and behavioural research. The Centre has a long history of working collaboratively with marginalised populations, particularly those affected by blood borne viruses and sexually transmissible infections.