2018 Scientia Fellowships

The Scientia Fellowship Program, established as a cornerstone of the UNSW 2025 Strategy, aims to attract and retain the highest research performers on a trajectory to being exceptional research leaders and mentors. Fellowship appointments will be made at Academic levels A to C in 2018. This is equivalent to postdoctoral to Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor level appointments. Arts & Social Sciences has three Scientia Fellowships available in 2018.

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences is recognised as a national research leader. Our research generates new knowledge and outcomes with real social impact and genuine community engagement.

Applications for this fellowship program are now open.

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2018 Arts & Social Sciences Priority Research Areas

Arts & Social Sciences has aligned our 2018 UNSW Scientia Fellowships to research priorities that further consolidate areas of demonstrated research excellence and to develop research capacity and performance.

Arts & Social Sciences are seeking applications for Scientia Fellows in five priority areas:

Social Policy and Social Aspects of Health

This area covers: Disability Studies, Gendered violence/gender & rights, Equity in health care and other services, Poverty, inequality and disadvantage, Lived experience of chronic health conditions, Health and wellbeing of marginalised populations and Critical policy studies.

International Relations

This area covers: Democracy, peace and rights, Climate change and new security challenges and Regional insecurity and disorder.

Screen Production

This area covers: Documentary Filmmaking, Digital Storytelling and On-line Media Cultures.


This area covers: Transnational and Imperial History (preferably Americas, Atlantic world, Africa or Middle East); Gender History and Environmental History.

Educational Psychology and/or gifted education

This area covers:

Educational Psychology – subcategories: Motivation, Engagement, Learning, Achievement and Wellbeing.

Gifted Education - Academic Excellence, Creativity and Talent Development.