Faculty Research Contacts

Faculty Research Manager

Vanessa Traynor
Phone: 02 9385 0640

Research Support Officer

Michaela Turner
Phone: 02 9385 8864

Research Support Officer

Jeremy Carr
Phone: 02 9385 2371

Location: Faculty Research Office, Room 263 Morven Brown Building

HDR Team Leader

Amy Stansfield
Phone: 02 9385 0616

HDR Administrator (School of Education; School of Social Sciences)

Neha Desai
Phone: 02 9385 1977

HDR Administrator (School of the Arts & Media; School of Humanities & Languages)

Anneli Strutt
Phone: 02 9385 7063

HDR Administrator (Social Policy Research Centre and Centre for Social Research in Health)

Lisa McElhinney
Phone: 02 9385 9782

Location: HDR Research Office, Room 139, Morven Brown Building

Research Convenors

The Faculty Research Convenors make up the Faculty Research Committee.

UNSW research contacts