Research support

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences provide a range of research initiatives and funding schemes, designed to assist, reward and recognise researchers efforts, promote wider intellectual collaboration and build on our strong research culture.

Faculty research office

Male researcher at tableThe Faculty Research Office (FRO) is responsible for the implementation of UNSW Arts & Social Sciences' research strategy.

This includes:

  • improving and maintaining research performance
  • leading and contributing to research culture
  • providing consistent, effective support and guidance. 

Contact the Faculty Research Office

Development and training

Both the University and the Faculty offer a broad range of researcher and research candidate training and development opportunities.

From formal inductions to focused grant development workshops, we provide several initiatives to support our researchers.

View a list of available opportunities.

Strategic research funding

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences provides a variety of funding to support the research activities of our staff including:

  • Faculty internal research funding
  • early career researcher funding
  • initiatives such as the Dean’s Research Awards and the International Distinguished Researchers Program

View the research funding web page for details.

Grant applications

The Faculty Research Office supports researchers submitting grant applications through:

  • providing guidance and strategic insight around potential research projects, including funding sources, investigator track records, and budgeting advice.
  • individual advice to research grant applicants
  • Faculty major round application workshops

Services and support units

UNSW has a broad range of central services available for staff in all research matters, including pre and post award, research grants, contract research and consultancy.

University and Faculty support units are listed below.

Grants Management Office

The Grants Management Office (GMO) facilitates the research efforts of all UNSW staff.


  • research grant compliance advice (interpreting funding rules and eligibility)
  • grant training and information sessions
  • checklists/toolkits for grant applications
  • alerts and info about upcoming funding rounds
  • access and support for grant IT systems use (i.e. InfoEd; ARC RMS; NHMRC RGMS)
  • application submission and University sign-off


  • sign off/acceptance of grants and legal advice
  • ethics clearances (human and animal)
  • record maintenance in InfoEd
  • invoicing funding agencies
  • monitoring reporting needs/deliverables and ensuring continued compliance


Grants Management Office
Anika Martin, Faculty representative for Grants, 02 9385 4465.
Susanne Clark, GMO Team Leader, 02 9385 6989.

Research Strategy & Partnerships Office

The Research Strategy and Partnerships Office (RSO) facilitates partnerships with industry, governments and affiliated institutions.


  • assist with contract research and consulting
  • advice on external engagements/tenders
  • assist with tenders/proposals/budgets
  • identify and develop research partnerships and strengthen existing relationships
  • act as a point of contact for external partners
  • promotion of UNSW research expertise
  • training and workshops


  • Contract preparation – negotiation, acceptance and relationship management


Research Strategy and Partnerships Office
Phone: 02 9385 7929


The UNSW Foundation office promotes philanthropy, sponsorships and alumni appeals to the University’s goals in research, faculty projects, scholarships, community and capital works.

The Foundation can also assist with various types of funding including:

  • non-contract grants
  • gifts/donations
  • sponsorships
  • bequests
  • event-related income


Ali Rapaud
Development and Alumni Manager
Phone: 02 9385 8861