Our people


Alison Bashford

Professor Alison Bashford, FBA, FAHA, FRHistS
E: a.bashford@unsw.edu.au

Alison Bashford is Director of the New Earth Histories Research Program. Her research connects the history of science, global history, and environmental history into new assessments of the modern world, from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries. She has recently moved to UNSW from Cambridge, where she was Vere Harmsworth Professor of Imperial and Naval History.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Emily Kern

Dr Emily Kern
E: e.kern@unsw.edu.au
T: @kern_em

Emily Kern is a historian of modern global science who specializes in the history of human evolution and paleoanthropology. She is currently at work on a book about the long history of the African origins hypothesis and the search for the cradle of humankind. Her research focuses on the relationship between the production of scientific knowledge about the human species and the production of global political power in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania (B.A. 2012) and Princeton University (Ph.D. 2018). At Princeton, she was awarded a Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Honorific Fellowship (2017-2018) and held a Graduate Prize Fellowship from the University Center for Human Values (2016-2017).

Adam Bobette

Dr Adam Bobbette
E: a.bobbette@unsw.edu.au

Adam Bobbette is a geographer with training in philosophy, cultural studies, architecture and landscape. His research relates to the intersections of people with vulnerable and volatile environments. Following a PhD from Cambridge, he is working on a book, “At Earth’s Edge: The Political Geology of Indonesia”, that focuses on the intersection of politics and geology through the lens of Indonesia’s volcanoes.