Complex Support Needs Planning

Planning Resource Kit

Being a planner with a person with disability and complex support needs

This Planning Resource Kit is intended to strengthen existing good practice and to provide guidance for engaging a person with complex support needs in planning. The kit is aimed at workers in planning or related roles, such as case managers or service coordinators, who engage with people with complex support needs.

The Planning Resource Kit focuses on the planning process which is envisaged as a three-stage process:

  • Stage 1: Pre-planning
  • Stage 2: Planning conversations
  • Stage 3: Plan-to-action

Each of these stages is described in this kit with explanatory notes and a case study example to assist the user to apply the concepts to their planning role.

The Planning Resource Kit is designed to be used in conjunction with other planning tools and resources appropriate to the person, the planner, the service sector and the broader context in which the planning is undertaken

For further information about the Kit, including plan training and evaluation, contact

The development of this resource kit was funded by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.

Download the Planning Resource Kit (PDF)

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