Academic Advising

Important information:

Academic Advising appointments are offered online and via phone ONLY until further notice. 





Online Assistance

For Online Assistance, please allow up to 5 working days for a response.

Book an Academic Advising session (Monday through Friday 9am -5pm)    

  • You will be emailed a meeting invite with a link to join the meeting before or on the day of your appointment. Please accept the meeting invite.
  • Please reply to the email with a preferred number if you would prefer a call instead.
  • If you are having issues making a booking, please submit an online query.

To see if a same day appointment can be accommodated, please phone Arts and Social Sciences Student Services on  +61 2 8936 7005.​

    This confidential 30-minute session provides advice in relation to students' earliest graduation date and program options for those whose academic progression is/ has been/ may be affected by mitigating circumstances, including: 

    • Commitment/ Motivation
    • Health
    • Finances
    • Employment
    • Problems at home 
    • Transition to student life
    • Difficulty choosing a major/ minor
    • Unsuccessful IPT application/s
    • Repeated fails and/or failed pre-requisites
    • Maximum time to complete 
    • Access to support

    Please note:

    You may receive a short survey via email to provide your academic advisor with more information prior to the meeting.

    Academic advisors are able to liaise with faculties, Disabilities Services, Elite Athlete Program, Nura Gili, Student Development International, Success and Wellbeing services.

    Skype meetings are available Tuesdays or by request.

    Ale in Teams pic

    Dr Alessandra Mecozzi Saha is a registered sport psychologist, Mental Health First Aid Training Instructor and Justice of the Peace in and for NSW. She is dedicated to helping students improve their academic performance and increase their enjoyment of it.

    Before coming to UNSW, Alessandra worked with student athletes at Boston University, Tuffs University, high schools and academies, maternity and adolescent psychiatry wards, and more locally with student-athletes from the Queensland Academy of Sport and University of Southern Queensland.


    Nicholas Health

    Nicholas Heath has a strong background in student advice and support having worked in the Business School and Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Student Services Teams at UNSW since 2016. Nicholas is an expert in program and administrative support and has years of experience assisting students.

    Before working at UNSW, Nicholas spent some time overseas living and working in Vietnam. Prior to this he worked and studied at the University of Sydney and Sydney College of the Arts, completing a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Hons).


    AIM is a fully-online, self-paced module that can help students identify contributing factors to their difficulties with study and provide relevant information on support services available at UNSW. In the module, you will find a range of interactive activities including self-guided lessons, multiple choice questions, case study videos and reflection questions. AIM does not substitute a meeting with an academic advisor but you can discuss any feedback with an academic advisor. 

    You can find out more about AIM here or contact Student Academic and Careers Success at


    “This module did boost my confidence and gave me some contacts where I can reach out for help. I wish that this module was as long as a term (10 weeks) so that it could be a constant reminder to get back to studying and staying focused.” (Student Feedback)


    “I found this module very motivating and effective. I will try to implement what I have learnt from this module to improve my study.” (Student Feedback)


    Academic standing is a measure of academic progress and is calculated at the end of each term once final results are released. Depending on the percentage of courses passed, UNSW may be concerned with your progress. The level of UNSW's concern is indicated by your academic standing. For example, if your academic standing is 'Good', it means UNSW is not concerned about your academic progress. If your academic standing is not 'Good', it means that there may be cause for concern. As a result, UNSW will advise that you meet with an academic advisor to ensure you are receiving appropriate support and advice. Academic standing is not punitive. There are often genuine factors that interfere with your academic progress, despite your best intentions.

    Regardless of your academic standing, you may find it useful to speak with an academic advisor for support with your program requirements in relation to:

    • Commitment/ motivation 
    • Problems at home
    • Employment/ finances
    • Health
    • Academic skills
    • Accommodation

    More information about academic standing can be found here.

    If you are returning from Suspension, we strongly advise that you make a time with an academic advisor to discuss how your circumstances have changed since the last time you were enrolled. We recommend that you do so before Census date.

    Arts & Social Sciences is the program authority for the following programs:

    • All Education programs
    • All Music programs (except Music/Law)

    School of Maths and Stats has its drop-in centre for support with numeracy skills

    Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) for Business 

    Peer tutoring and mentoring in Law

    Representatives from International Student Experience and Student Support&Success hosted Academic Success information workshops from February 11th to February 21st. Information regarding those workshops may be available to you on Moodle. The information provided in these workshops does not substitute a meeting with your Academic Advisor but can provide useful strategies applicable to university study.

    Visit your International Student Advisors for help with Academic Success and Your Visa.

    Please click the link for information on How to reduce your study load.

    Postgraduate academic standing calculation 

    If you are affected by factors impacting academic performance and have concerns about your ability to complete in time, please book in a meeting with an Academic Advisor to discuss program options and exit strategies.

    Sample programs

    For bookings with the Learning & Career Hub

    For bookings with Student Support and Success, including student loans and accommodation advice

    For bookings with CAPS (Counselling and Psychology services)

    To register with Equitable Learning Services

    To apply for Special Consideration

    To apply for Fee Remission

    Join ARC - Clubs & Societies, including student advocates

    How to apply for a review of results

    Appeal your academic standing of Suspension or Exclusion

    Submit a complaint within the faculty

    Report sexual harassment, assault and misconduct

    Key dates following T2 Release of results- September 3rd

    • T3 Registration deadline for any course enrolled in T3 (8 September, to avoid course drop)
    • T3 Enrolment deadline (20 September 11:59pm)
    • Summer 2021 Timetable published (25 September)
    • 2021 Annual course enrolment appointments begin (6 October)
    • T3 Census date- last day to drop a course without academic or financial penalty (11 October)
    • T3 ‘NF’ Deadline- last day to drop without academic penalty (25 October 11:59pm)
    • Last day to drop a course WITH academic penalty resulting in AW grade (20 November 11:59pm)
    • T1 2021 Class registration begins (23 November)
    • T3 2020 Exam period (27 November – 10 December)
    • T3 Release of results (17 December 12noon)
    • T3 Supplementary exam period (11 January – 15 January)
    • IPT (Internal Program Transfer) acceptance period for T3 (10 Sept – 13 September)
    • IPT application for T1 2021 intake (6 October – 27 November)
      NB: If you are struggling to stay motivated in your current degree, please book a meeting to explore program options

    Link to Fee Remission

    Link to Student Support and Success  and support with Wellbeing 

    Link to the Learning and Career Hub

    Link to Equitable Learning Services