Postgraduate Research Student Study Spaces

Due to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements, we have made some interim changes to our A&SS HDR study spaces. Desks will be available for use on specifically rostered alternate days. No desk sharing or hot-desking will be approved. We will not undertake monthly space usage audits, as HDRs are encouraged to work from home if possible, and must not work on campus if unwell, even with mild symptoms. 


UNSW Arts and Social Sciences has study spaces available for postgraduate research candidates. Research candidates are required to formally apply for a dedicated study space.

Spaces are allocated to individual students. Some include desktop PCs or iMacs, docking stations or WiFi access for students to use their own laptops. We have 4 labs on the Lower Ground floor of the Morven Brown building, and 4 labs across levels 2 and 3 of the Robert Webster building.

How to Apply

Applications for Study Spaces are open all year-round. Applications will be assessed on a monthly basis, and applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by the end of the month in which they applied.

Every effort is made to allocate each eligible applicant to a study space in a timely manner. From time to time we may receive more applications than we have spaces available. In these cases, a waiting list will be brought in place.

Apply now for a study space


In order to be eligible for a study space you must: 

  • Be currently enrolled in a research degree program in UNSW Arts & Social Sciences
  • Be enrolled for the current semester and not on leave
  • Be enrolled on-campus, and not externally
  • Intend to use the study space for your research towards the completion of your thesis only

Monthly Audit

The allocation of all study spaces is reviewed monthly, with the following eligibility criteria checked:

  • Enrolment Status – to confirm students are enrolled in the current semester, and not on leave
  • Thesis Submission Status - we check that you have not yet submitted your thesis or completed your degree
  • Enrolment Location - we ensure that your enrolment location is UNSW Kensington, and that you are not enrolled externally for the current semester
  • Space Utilisation - we check the swipe card access records to ensure that you are using the space at least once a week on average

If you are found to no longer meet one or more of the above eligibility criteria in any given month, you will be asked to justify their continued use of the study space. You may be asked to vacate your study space if patterns of consistent under-utilisation occur, or they consistently fail to respond to the monthly audits.

If you no longer require your study space at any point throughout the year, you must formally vacate your study space.