Our Schools

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences is home to four Schools that specialise in a range of degrees and programs, subjects areas, research and engagement. Our Schools form a lively community of adventurous scholars and students who are uncovering big ideas and contemporary social issues. Together, they offer over 45 undergraduate degrees, 27 postgraduate degrees and 35 diverse subject areas.

The UNSW School of the Arts & Media (SAM) consists of a rich and diverse group of interdisciplinary programs allowing students to engage in theoretical, practical, and creative approaches to academic study and research across varying areas of specialisation.  

SAM is a national leader in performing arts, creative writing and film, television and digital media and has an exceptional record of scholarly achievement in English literature and cultural studies. It’s here that creativity has real impact, you’ll learn to find your voice and use it to influence the world around you.  

The UNSW School of Education aspires to lead the study and practice of education nationally and internationally through academic excellence in learning and teaching as well as research, to influence public policy and improve community life through extensive social engagement and knowledge transfer, and to nurture global and ethical citizens who are passionately committed to the continuous improvement of education worldwide. 

Studying Humanities and Languages provides the philosophical skills and historical perspectives needed in the contemporary world. This is complemented by our strengths in the language learning and teaching area, designed to develop language skills and expose students to the culture and histories associated with them.

The School is home to the Bachelor of International Studies program, as well as many of the core disciplinary areas of the Bachelor of Arts.

UNSW School of Social Sciences equips changemakers for success through innovative undergraduate, postgraduate and research degrees. The School's innovative approach offers students multidisciplinary and sophisticated opportunities to tailor their study options to their unique aspirations. We’re renowned globally for the strength of our research and leading academics, putting UNSW School of Social Sciences at the forefront of Social Science in Australia and beyond.