Engagement & Partnerships

Our internationally-renowned academics are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge to improve social justice and build better communities for all. Relevant, engaged, solutions-focused and often counterintuitive, explore the groundbreaking impact of our landmark research.

  • Discover how historian Professor Grace Karskens utilised her three-decades of experience raising awareness and truth-telling about Australian colonial and Aboriginal history to build stronger communities and create a brighter future for all Australians. 

  • What happens when you don’t speak fluent English and find yourself caught up in the Australian Justice System?  When interpreting services are inadequate in this high-stakes environment, justice can go horribly wrong. Discover how UNSW Professor Sandra Hale influenced national policy in her landmark research.

  • As an early warning system for new practices and trends, the Gay Community Periodic Surveys (GCPA) have had a marked and ongoing impact on improving HIV education, prevention and treatment programs in Australia since their inception in 1996. Explore the incredible impact of Professor Martin Holt and his team on the health and wellbeing of our communities.

  • The technologies and geopolitics of modern warfare are rapidly changing. As defence personnel find themselves in life or death situations with a range of futuristic technologies at their fingertips, ethics in military training becomes ever more urgent. Learn how the work, undertaken by UNSW researcher Associate Professor Stephen Coleman, has enhanced ethical training of military personnel globally.

Driving Change, Together

We work with a number of key partners across industry, government and community groups to share our knowledge and expertise and find solutions to society’s most pressing problems. Learn how you can become a research partner and help us drive critical change, together. 

Partner with Us

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