Zora Simic

Senior Lecturer, History and Women's and Gender Studies
Senior Lecturer

I have published widely on past and present feminisms and my current research includes a monograph that historicises contemporary debates about and within feminism. My research and teaching interests are also closely integrated. Drawing on my teaching of post-war migration to Australia, I continue to extend my research on the impact of migration on wider Australian society. My other current research interest - female sexuality in the context of western modernity - emerges from my teaching the history of sexuality and introductory women's and gender studies. 

Dux, M and Z. Simic (2008) The Great Feminist Denial, MUP: Melbourne.

Scholarly Book Chapters
Simic, Z. 'Fat as a Feminist Issue: A History', Fat Sex: New Directions in Theory and Activism, eds. Helen Hester and Caroline Walters, Ashgate: Farnham, 2015. 

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Simic, Z. ‘Twentieth Century Orgasms’, A Cultural History of Women in the Modern Age, ed. Liz Conor, Bloomsbury: London, 2013

Journal Articles:

'Bachelors of Misery and Proxy Brides: Migration, marriage and assimilation, 1947-1973, History Australia, Vol 11: 1, April 2014, 149-174

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 Refereed Conference Papers:
 ‘Were Westies White? Negotiating Race and Place in the Western Suburbs of Sydney’ in Leigh Boucher et al (eds.) Historicising Whiteness: Transnational Perspectives on the Construction of an Identity. Melbourne: RMIT Publishing,  2007, 63-70

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