Valeriia Kasatkina

Postgraduate Research Student

Research Topic: Networks: From NGOs to Civil Society
Supervisor: Dr Natasha Cortis

The research will provide a quantitative assessment of the current system and government performance in the public sphere by application of network analysis techniques to the data on the NGOs’ activities and relations with other actors on the territory of New South Wales, whereas the derived results will be used to formulate particular policy recommendations.

The research is concentrated on the matters of efficiency, stability and further development of current network of NGOs in NSW. Potential output of the project could give answers to a wide range of policy-relevant questions, such as: does any group of NGOs or donors outweigh the rest of the system and possess exceptional influence; which participants play a crucial role in the functioning of the sector; how donor’s money spread over NGOs; is there any particular segregation or misbalancing within the network. Correct perception will ensure successful state policy development and further progress of the whole industry.