Stephen Healy

Senior Lecturer
Honorary Senior Lecturer

Stephen Healy, although technically trained, is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Languages

He has worked for the Energy Policy Research Unit of Greenpeace International, the NSW EPA and at Middlesex University (UK) where he led the Science, Technology and Society Program. His research interests encompass: the role of science and technology in contemporary environmental problems; issues of global environmental change, particularly climate change; energy issues/politics; risk and uncertainty; public participation; consumption, and transdisciplinarity across the social/natural sciences and engineering.  The formal analytical approach taken by this work ranges from a descriptive idiom, commonly grounded by collaborative research with technical practitioners, through to critical, post-humanist science studies analyses.  The latter, which benefit considerably from the empirical grounding provided by the former, are increasingly focused by praxeographic, post-foucauldian analyses of the dynamics of socio-material ensembles (variously labeled ‘collectives’, ‘assemblages’, ‘agencements’ etc), which pervade and structure the contemporary world and commonly focused on the ways in which these constitute power (understood in Foucauldian terms).

Stephen is the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Research Coordinator for UNSW's Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (

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