Sherman Chan

Postgraduate Research Student

Research Topic: A quantitative study of financial exclusion in Australia
Supervisors: Professor Peter SaundersAssociate Professor Bruce Bradbury

Sherman Chan holds a BCom(Hons) in Economics and Finance from UNSW. Her research focuses on financial exclusion, and its measurement, dimensions, causes, consequences and policy implications. Sherman is also interested in the area of financial regulation.

Research summary

The thesis presents a quantitative analysis of financial exclusion in Australia. It proposes and compares three different approaches to the study of financial exclusion, which involve examining access barriers, eligibility, and self-assessed financial exclusion respectively. Using data from the ABS’s General Social Survey and SPRC’s Community Understanding of Poverty and Social Exclusion (CUPSE) Survey, the proportion of the Australian population without adequate access to mainstream financial services can be estimated. Risk factors are then identified, and the links between financial exclusion and social exclusion are also examined.