Peri O'Shea

Research Officer

Dr Peri O’Shea is a Lived Experience Researcher who specialises in participatory, qualitative research working with people with mental health challenges, drawing on her lived experience as both a consumer and carer and her significant experience in consumer-led mental health policy reform, to action and facilitate co-designed and peer-led research and evaluation. 

Dr O’Shea is a recognised leader in the mental health sector, holding the position of Chief Executive Officer at Being, the NSW Consumer Advisory Group from 2010 to 2017, and as an expert delegate on State and National committees improving mental health services. Prior to this Dr O’Shea was the Research Program Coordinator at the Social Justice and Social Change Research Centre at Western Sydney University. Dr O’Shea’s work and personal histories have given prominence to social justice, social inclusion and participation. Dr O’Shea has a strong history in working with Human Service NGOs and in service management and a strong understanding of mental health policy and consumer issues.


BSocSc (Hons), MSoc Policy, PhD Applied Sociology


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