Paul Ayres

Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology
Emeritus Professor

Paul Ayres is a Professor in the School of Education (FASS). He is a researcher whose main focus is on learning and instruction. In particular he is a member of the group at UNSW that pioneered Cognitive Load Theory. He has authored a number of international journal articles that have examined various effects related to CLT such as the expertise reversal effect, split-attention, isolating elements, measuring cognitive load, the goal-free effect and worked examples.

A recent focus is on using technology and multimedia in learning, with a special interest on the role of mirror neurons in animated human movement instruction. He has an Australian Research Council Grant for this research in partnership with Fred Paas (Erasmus University, the Netherlands).

He is currently supervising a number of PhD students researching topics such as general problem solving strategies & brainstorming, worked examples & feedback, instructional design for chronic pain learners, human movement & instructional animations, multimedia & cognitive load, early entry of gifted students to university, and effective teaching of gifted students. He also has a broad interest in mathematics education.

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