Nicolas Rasmussen


Nicolas Rasmussen is a Professor in the School of Humanities. He has higher degrees in history and philosophy of science, developmental biology, and public health. 

His research has dealt with the role of instrumentation in shaping scientific knowledge, the history of biotechnology, molecular biology and its cultural and intellectual history, the history of drug abuse and pharmaceuticals in the United States since 1900, and the influence of industry sponsorship on biomedical research.  He has been principle investigator on several NSF (USA) and ARC grants. 

His current major project concerns obesity research and public health policy in the 1950s USA.  His monograph on the history of genetic engineering with Johns Hopkins, entitled _Gene Jockeys: Life Science and the Rise of Biotech Enterprise__, was published in 2014, and another monograph entitled _Fat in the Fifties: America's First Obesity Crisis_ is forthcoming in 2019 from the same press.

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