J. Dangerfield

Adjunct Associate Professor

Dr J. Mark Dangerfield joined SPRC in July 2014 as an Adjunct Associate Professor.

He is an ecologist, environmental scientist, registered AFOLU expert and author. He specialises in the understanding of ecological, climate change adaptation, biodiversity and natural resource management issues. Mark has over 30 years experience in the measurement and evaluation of ecological processes, carbon dynamics and natural resource management in agricultural, rangeland and forest ecosystems in Europe, Africa and Australia gained through faculty positions at the University of Botswana, Macquarie University and as Director, Centre Expertise for Environment, University of Technology Sydney. In 1999 he received an outstanding teacher award from Macquarie University and has designed and delivered tertiary level courses in biodiversity, ecology (including ecosystem process and carbon budget analyses), biostatistics, soil biology and wildlife management. He was also co-founder and CEO of Biotrack Australia. Currently he is a member of the NSW Natural Resources Advisory Council and the Australian governments Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee. Since early 2008 he has worked as an environmental consultant in both private and public sector and is currently Principal at alloporus environmental. His latest book is 'Awkward news for Greenies'.


Dangerfield JM, 2012, Missing Something
Dangerfield JM; Bland A, 2009, Awkward News for Greenies