David Blaazer

Deputy Dean

David Blaazer is an historian of modern Britain and Ireland.  His early research was on the non-communist left in Britain and resulted in the publication of The Popular Front and the Progressive Tradition: socialists, liberals and the quest for unity, 1884-1939 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1992) and a number of articles on the history of Guild Socialism. His current research is towards a book on currency, power and national identity in Britain and Ireland since 1603, a topic on which he has published a number of articles and given numerous papers at international conferences. He has also published on the Northern Ireland conflict, and on the historiography of globalisation. 

Blaazer D, 2002, The Popular Front and the Progressive Tradition, Cambridge University Press
Book Chapters
Blaazer DP, 2015, 'Bloody Sunday: Politics, Truth and Justice in the Widgery and Saville Inquiries', in Lovell DW (ed.), INVESTIGATING OPERATIONAL INCIDENTS IN A MILITARY CONTEXT: LAW, JUSTICE, POLITICS, edn. International Humanitarian Law Series, Brill Nijhoff, Leiden, Netherlands, pp. 31 - 49, http://gateway.webofknowledge.com/gateway/Gateway.cgi?GWVersion=2&SrcApp=PARTNER_APP&SrcAuth=LinksAMR&KeyUT=WOS:000356160800003&DestLinkType=FullRecord&DestApp=ALL_WOS&UsrCustomerID=891bb5ab6ba270e68a
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Blaazer DP; Henry RL, 2013, 'UNSW Canberra: a university within a university', in Henry RL; Marshall SJ; Ramburuth P (ed.), Improving Assessment in Higher Education, UNSW Press, Sydney, pp. 263 - 279, http://newsouthpublishing.com/
Journal articles
Blaazer D, 2020, 'Review of Money: Myths Truths and Alternatives, by Mary Mellor, and Digital Cash: The Unknown History of the Anarchists, Utopians, and Technologists who Built Cryptocurrency, by Finn Brunton', AUSTRALIAN HUMANITIES REVIEW, pp. 251 - 258
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Modern British and Irish history; nationalism and national identity; the history of money and economic history more broadly; and the history of political ideas.