UNSW team places second for Day of Crisis Competition at King’s College, London

8 May 2017

Day of Crisis Competition King's College

Recently, a group of BInSt/Law students represented UNSW in the ‘Day of Crisis’ competition at King's College London. They competed over 24 hours in the crisis simulation, drawing upon international law to resolve a series of unfolding international crises. Working as a team, they battled through sleep deprivation with the help of coffee, pizza and adrenaline, and achieved the outstanding result of second place behind the hosts, King’s College London. The team, acting as international law consultants called ‘Castle Consultants’, was made up of Jessie Zhang, Crystal Ji, Se Eun Lee, Ben Nicols and James Clark.

Day of Crisis Competition Group Photo

The competition involved a variety of tasks. The participants were assigned a client to represent, such as a state or an international organisation. The UNSW team represented China. There were numerous pieces of legal advice that the students drafted in response to unfolding crises, touching upon relevant subject areas such as: the laws of war, the use of force, the law of the sea, diplomatic immunities, cyber warfare, refugee law, human rights law, and more. Aside from identifying and applying relevant international law, the students were also required to propose different legal and diplomatic options for de-escalating tensions in the given context, and to engage in other tasks such as drafting ICJ pleadings and press releases, undertaking negotiations with other teams, and participating in the final UN Security Council presentation. Team member Ben Nicols won the award for the best oralist at the Security Council meeting, which was judged by a panel of experts chaired by Mr Steven Hill, Legal Advisor and Director of the Office of Legal Affairs at NATO.

The competition was sponsored by international law firm Simmons & Simmons, with university delegations from Australia, France, Russia, India, Belgium, Germany and the UK taking part. The UNSW team thoroughly enjoyed the competition, and were pleased with their result.

‘It was an intense 24 hours, but intellectually stimulating, and very rewarding. We all had a great time, and worked closely and productively throughout the simulation. We were exhausted at the end of it – by the time we got some rest, we realised we had been awake for nearly 36 hours. It was also fantastic to have the chance to work in the beautiful Somerset House, and to meet fellow students from different universities around the world. After the competition we were able to unwind and enjoy the vibe of London for a few days. We were even lucky enough to get some sunshine while we were there.’

Day of Crisis Competition Somerset House

For more information about the competition and the results, click here.