Shaping the future of Japanese Studies

30 Sep 2014

Japanese Studies at UNSW is leading the way for Japanese language and education in Australia.

And Professor Chihiro Thomson, along with her teaching team, is at the forefront of this success.

Thomson nurtures a strong learning experience by fostering her student’s interest in Japanese language and culture and turning it into a passion.

“There is a great sense of support within our program,” says Thomson. “I think our strength lies in the fact we have always focused on building a community.”

The dynamism of this community saw UNSW playing a key role in the 2014 International Conference on Japanese Language Education (ICJLE) and the National Symposium: Japanese Language Education, an event hosted by the Japanese Studies Association of Australia.

“The conference was a unique opportunity to bring together colleagues from other universities - we all developed a special bond which we will develop into the future in the form of join publications and events,” says Thomson.

“It was a good opportunity to showcase our students who are all hard working and courteous. I also received numerous compliments on the capabilities of their Japanese speaking.”

This ability to bring out the best in their students was recognised in 2012, when Thomson and her team recieved a Federal Government award, for being among Australia’s “most inspiring” teachers.

With UNSW winning five national titles in Japanese speech contests since 2011, the ultimate success of the program is manifest in UNSW Japanese Studies students.

“The Japanese Studies team will continue to develop connections with national and international colleagues and make further contributions to Japanese Studies and students of Japanese worldwide,” says Thomson.

Associated image is of Professor Chihiro who has been the powerhouse of the UNSW Japanese Studies for more than twenty years. Pictured here with UNSW Japanese Studies students and attendees from the 2014 International Conference on Japanese Language Education (ICJLE).

Why students study Japanese at UNSW

UNSW is home to one of the largest Japanese programs in Australia. Japan is of fundamental importance to Australia and Asia for political, strategic and economic reasons. Whether students wish to strengthen their personal interest in the land of the rising sun, have a connection with Japanese music, anime and manga or work with one of Australia’s major economic partners; Japanese Studies at UNSW will further their understanding and knowledge of Japan’s language, society and customs.

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