Q&A: Meet Pronoy Das - Bachelor of Social Work

1 Mar 2017

Our new alum Pronoy always knew he wanted to work with people. As a new graduate he's thankful he can continue to meet new people and is excited to begin his social work career path.

Name: Pronoy Das

Degree: Bachelor of Social Work

2017: Graduated

Exchange University: University of Stockholm, Sweden

Alum_Pronoy Das_Bachelor of Social Work
Photo credit: Pronoy Das

Tell us a little about yourself – e.g. your family background, interests and career aspirations...

Both of my parents are highly educated working professionals in completely different fields of education and finance and I am no exception. My career aspirations are to work in the housing and homelessness sector and in my free time I love to go out dancing with mates, hiking and traveling, almost up to 60 countries now. :)

What initially attracted you to your degree?

I always knew I wanted to work with people. Connecting with people from all different walks of life is the most interesting thing I can think of and one that I’m thankful for that I get to continue to do now that I am a new graduate about to enter the field.

Why did you choose to study at UNSW?

UNSW has one of the best social work programs in Australia - the choice was easy from there.

What have been the highlights/ best aspects of your degree so far?

The best aspects of my degree have been going on exchange to Sweden and my last placement. Being able to translate the theory and skills you learned in a classroom to a real setting is exciting and the best encouragement to keep working hard to discover your full potential.

Alum_Pronoy Das_Bachelor of Social Work 2
Photo credit: Pronoy Das

What classes did you study at your exchange university? 

I was completing my Level 4 placement. I was placed at a small school for children with behavioural issues.

What did your week usually look like?

My week was spent going to work and having an absolute ball while learning and practicing new skills. The afternoons and weekends were spent attending Swedish language classes and hanging out with my fellow international student mates and local Swedish student friends.

Being on exchange would be full of fantastic adventures, what are some of the best experiences you've had so far?

The best thing about being on exchange in Europe is that you can easily have a weekend away in another country! I got to travel to Iceland, Ireland, The Netherlands and a few other really cool places in my free time which was really cool.

My favourite weekend trip was to Swedish Lapland in the North of Sweden which is deep in the Arctic Circle so during the winter time I was there we only had an hour of sunlight and buckets of snow to play in!

Alum_Pronoy Das_Bachelor of Social Work 3
Photo credit: Pronoy Das

What are some of the differences between UNSW and your university in Sweden?

Some of the differences are that all the tutors and professors have a less formal relationship with students than we have at UNSW. Going for dinner at a professor's house or fishing with a tutor is not uncommon and actually quite nice to get to know them in a different setting.

Would you recommend a student exchange to other students? Why?

Absolutely! I know it’s so cliche to say but it really is one of the best things you can do. Being in a completely different culture, surrounded by a new language and faces helps you learn all about yourself and gives you a taste of all the opportunities that are actually available to you once you graduate.

Interested in going on exchange to Sweden or perhaps one of our other 200 partner universities? Visit https://student.unsw.edu.au/exchange.