Class of 2017- Abida Aura

15 Jun 2017

Congratulations Class of 2017

Name: Abida Aura

Degree: Bachelor of Arts with Distinction

Full-time/part-time: Full-time

Class of 2017_Abida Aura1

Tell us a little bit about yourself - e.g. your family background, interests and career aspirations...

I migrated to Sydney's Eastern Suburbs with my parents in the 90s and my brothers were born here. I attended St George Girls High School which shaped much of who I am today and my endeavours. My interests include social justice, art, photography, films and modern political philosophy. I double majored in International Relations, and Sociology and Anthropology and am currently undertaking a Juris Doctor at UNSW Law School. As a visibly Muslim woman and person of colour, I want to make a difference in the world and help articulate socio-political change for those who are marginalised within society.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

An artist.

Did that change as you got older?


How did you decide what degree to do and what initially attracted you to your degree?

I've always been both passionate and curious since childhood, trying to understand people and the world and wanting to change its injustices. To bring about proper change, there needs to be genuine understanding. That curiosity grew with me and I was eager to understand and articulate the dynamics of the self and society in modernity. I became fascinated with various cultural and social theories and decided to take a transdisciplinary approach to my examination of the world and relations within it.

What were the highlights/best aspects of your degree and why?

The readings (yes, really!), tutors and lecturers :) I was fortunate enough to be taught by some of the most brilliant, down-to-earth academics who truly made my learning experience engaging and enjoyable such that I was able to get the most out of my academic part of university life.

Did you take part in any mentorship or scholarship programs, internships or exchanges during your time at UNSW? 

I was selected for the UNSW Arts & Social Sciences Career Ready Mentoring Program, which was a valuable experience because it facilitated for networking with high aspiring peers and mentoring from professional people. This program was particularly beneficial for Arts students since it opened up opportunities and ideas on what to do after finishing uni.

Were you a part of any clubs and societies on campus?

Vice President of the Islamic Awareness Forum of UNSW (renamed as UNSW Muslim Students' Association).

What knowledge, skills and experiences have you found most useful for your personal/professional development?

Knowledge of different frameworks to understand people and society along with research and communication skills.

What are your plans now that you’ve finished uni? Are you currently working? And if so, as what?

I received a CSP offer for a Juris Doctor at UNSW Law School so I'm currently undertaking that full-time.

Do you have any advice for students?

Uni is one of the best times in your life so make the most of your academic and social life because it can be an amazing experience if you can strike up a balance. It's a place to meet new people, test your own thoughts, learn from others and to have intellectually stimulating discussions so join societies and attend events every once in a while alongside your studies.