Celebrating ARC Grant Success

7 Nov 2014

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences’ commitment to quality research has again been rewarded with a number of grants announced in the latest round of Australian Research Council (ARC) funding.

Overall, UNSW researchers have won the highest amount of Australian Research Council funding in Australia – with $45.3 million across three funding schemes. This places UNSW as the leading Australian university for ARC funding this year with a total of $68.3 million.

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences received nine research grants, resulting in revenue of $2,827,652.

The School of Humanities & Languages had notable success with the discipline of History securing three grants including two Discovery Project grants for the work of Scientia Professor Ian Tyrell and Dr Saliha Belmessous and a Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities grant for Dr Sean Ross, administered through UNSW Art & Design.

Dr Thom VanDooren from the discipline of Environmental Humanities also received a Discovery grant for his project Encountering Crows: Living with wildlife in a changing world.

The Faculty received four Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA), with a success rate of 27%, double the anticipated national average.

The School of the Arts & Media received three of these for the work of Dr Caroline Wake, Dr Laetitia Nanquette and Dr Emma Jane - three of only six DECRAs approved nationally for research in the field of media, performance and literary studies.

Seven current researchers from UNSW Arts & Social Sciences are also involved in successful grants which are administered by other faculties or universities.

Arts & Social Sciences Dean, James Donald, commended all involved on their achievements, “Congratulations to all who received ARC grants and also to those who submitted applications,” he said.

Full list of ARC grants for UNSW Arts & Social Sciences

Discovery Project Grants

Scientia Professor Ian Tyrrell (Humanities & Languages), The Idea of American Exceptionalism: A Cultural and Social History, $164,134

Professor Peter Aggleton (Centre for Social Research in Health), Belonging and sexual citizenship among gender and sexual minority youth, $415,700

Dr Saliha Belmessous (Humanities & Languages), The engagement of colonised peoples with empire (Algeria, 1830-1962), $333,654

Professor Lyn Craig (Social Policy Research Centre), Taking Time: Work-family time pressure, time quality and healthy activities, $389,800

Dr Thom van Dooren (Humanities & Languages), Encountering Crows: Living with wildlife in a changing world $146,700

Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA)

Dr Caroline Wake (Centre for Modernism Studies in Australia), Restoring the Contemporary: Remembering Live Art at The Performance Space, $327,849

Dr Jeni Whalan (Social Sciences), Taking sides: Assessing the partiality of international peacekeeping, $346,000

Dr Laetitia Nanquette (The Arts & Media), A Global Comparative Study of Contemporary Iranian Literature, $331,720

Dr Emma Jane (The Arts & Media), Cyberhate: the new digital divide? $372,095

Grants administered from other faculties or universities

Dr Sean Ross (Humanities & Languages) on a team led by UNSW Art & Design (Professor Sarah Kenderdine, Professor Dennis Del Favero, Professor Michael Thielscher, Professor Nicholas Nakata, Professor Paul Arthur, Professor Christopher Lueg, Associate Professor Paul Bourke, Dr Stefan Greuter, Professor Ross Gibson, Professor Jeffrey Shaw, Dr Lynda Kelly, Mr Tim Hart, Ms Margo Neale, Mr Drew Berry), $220,000

Dr Jeni Whalan (Social Sciences) on a team led by UNSW Law (Associate Professor Christopher Michaelsen, Dr Jeremy Farrall, Associate Professor Jochen Prantl), $488,403

Dr David Bright (Social Sciences) on a team led by Flinders University (Professor Andrew Goldsmith, Professor Mark Halsey), $234,300

Dr Kal Gulson (Education) on a team led by the University of Queensland (Professor Robert Lingard, Dr Sam Sellar, Dr Keita Takayama, Professor Christopher Lubienski, Associate Professor Philip Webb), $299,142

Dr Kath Albury (the Arts & Media) on a team lead by the University of Sydney (Dr Spring Cooper, Dr Kon Shing Kenneth Chung, Associate Professor Susan Skinner, Dr Megan Lim), $307,900

Scientia Professor John Gascoigne (Humanities & Languages) on a team led by Macquarie University (Dr Ian Tregenza), $217,757

Dr Paul Evans (Education) on a team led by the University of Melbourne (Professor Gary McPherson, Professor Aaron Williamon, Professor Richard Ryan, Associate Professor Peter Miksza, Professor Barry Zimmerman), $376,300

Associate Professor Alex Broom and Dr Emma Kirby (Social Sciences – commencing 2015) on a team led by the University of Queensland (Professor Patsy Yates, Professor Clive Seale, Professor John Oliffe), $359,700