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Painful histories must be acknowledged to achieve lasting peace Article - Posted on 15 September 2017

UNSW Global Development Week, 18 - 22 September.

Arts Style - Uni Outfit Essentials Article - Posted on 23 August 2017

How is it that we all have a closet full of clothes yet still nothing to wear to uni?! Your uni outfits don’t need to break the bank. Ultimately, you’ll need something that you can sit in for long stints on public transport and lectures, something that is comfortable to walk from top to bottom campus and something that is effortless but also stylish…well that’s the dream, isn’t it?

Reasons to join a student society Article - Posted on 14 August 2017

Joining a student society can show you how awesome uni-life can be. It is a place for you to improve your soft skills, add colour to your resume, extend your social network, and most importantly to HAVE FUN!!

Here are some benefits of joining a student society at UNSW.

A note of caution amidst a ‘revolution’ in hepatitis C treatment Article - Posted on 10 August 2017

Addressing stigma in healthcare settings, engaging marginalised communities in prevention, and continuing to trial innovative models of care will all be imperative if the ‘new era’ of hepatitis C treatment is to fulfil its promise, research finds.

The stigma of sex work comes with a high cost Article - Posted on 10 August 2017

For sex workers, legal, cultural and social discourse is characterised by prurience, titillation, outrage and disgust – all the hallmarks of stigma, writes Zahra Zsuzsanna Stardust.

Alumni Profile - Sam Guthrie Master of International Relations/International Political Economy Article - Posted on 2 August 2017

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences alumnus Sam Guthrie talks carving out a career in international relations and trade amidst the mining boom/dining boom and the rise of China.

The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children 22nd Biennial Conference Article - Posted on 2 August 2017

The World Council for Gifted and Talented Children 22nd Biennial Conference, hosted by UNSW School of Education a huge success

Apply For An Aurora Internship Article - Posted on 2 August 2017

Applications for the summer 2017/18 Aurora Internship Program are now open. Arts & Social Sciences students are encouraged to apply for the program which provides a unique opportunity to work in native title, policy development, research and social justice.

SPRC academics participate in the first Renmin University-UNSW Social Policy Summer School Article - Posted on 1 August 2017

Carla Treloar, Ilan Katz, Bingqin Li and Yuvisthi Naidoo from the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW Sydney, Yanfeng Ge from the State Council Development Research Centre and Kinglun Nogk from Sun Yat Sen University have delivered a series of lectures and seminars in the first Renmin University-UNSW Social Policy Summer School.

Social research contributing to Australian hepatitis response Article - Posted on 28 July 2017

We have a selection of publications from CSRH that highlights the social aspects affecting viral hepatitis prevention and treatment.