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Defining peace and how we invent it Article - Posted on 21 January 2019

On Martin Luther King Day, UNSW Arts and Social Sciences Professor Dr Mary Zournazi questions how we define 'peace'.

The importance of educational psychology Article - Posted on 16 January 2019

Meet Dr Rebecca Collie, Scientia Fellow of Faculty of Arts.

Migrant grandparents to fill childcare gap, but at what cost? In The Media - Posted on 16 January 2019

The new visa allowing migrant parents to bring their own parents to Australia to provide childcare support has dangers for families, write Angela Kintominas and Myra Hamilton.

Evidence shows pill testing benefits In The Media - Posted on 10 January 2019

Evidence is growing that pill testing encourages young people to reconsider their drug use.

What is pill testing? In The Media - Posted on 3 January 2019

The recent deaths of young people after taking party drugs at festivals has prompted calls for organised pill testing at events. So what would that look like? And why is it so controversial?

Here are some of the experts who back pill testing In The Media - Posted on 2 January 2019

While still opposing pill testing at festivals, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian appears to have extended the invitation to experts to prove her wrong.

What's the evidence for pill testing? In The Media - Posted on 21 December 2018

Drug and medical experts say pill testing leads to a reduction in the harms associated with drug use.

#Class of 2018: Yunshang Liu Article - Posted on 10 December 2018

A desire to show children the “beauty” of maths and science – and to follow in her father’s footsteps – inspired Yunshang Liu to become a teacher.

Free ArtsHub and ScreenHub membership for all UNSW Students Article - Posted on 6 December 2018

All UNSW students now have full access to ArtsHub and screenhub, Australia’s leading sources of arts and film news.

#Class of 2018: Erin Prince Article - Posted on 5 December 2018

Erin was inspired by the strong female leads of the hard-hitting political TV shows, to pursue a double Arts & Social Sciences degree.

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Why duck shooting season still isn’t on the endangered list

It's unpopular with the public and kills endangered and non-game birds – but that hasn't stopped duck shooting, writes Siobhan O'Sullivan.

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