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Student coffee startup with an ethical conscience Article - Posted on 26 October 2018

Meet the students from, The Bugisu Project - a student coffee start-up with a zero-waste motto.

UNSW Education climbs to 57th in the latest THE World Subject Rankings Article - Posted on 26 October 2018

Education at UNSW Sydney is ranked in the top five Australian universities and second in the state, according to the 2019 Times Higher Education (THE) subject rankings.

UNSW involved in international report on media reaction to terrorism In The Media - Posted on 24 October 2018

Study produces new evidence and insights about how media and social media coverage can increase the public harms of terrorism.

Australia's first dedicated study on sexual assault at music festivals In The Media - Posted on 23 October 2018

Australian music festivals keep hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

New laws to hold drug dealers responsible for NSW music festival deaths In The Media - Posted on 23 October 2018

Drug dealers would be held responsible for any deaths they cause at music festivals and could face up to 25 years in jail, under new plans which the NSW government says will boost safety and save lives.

Homelessness, Policy and the Media: How a Long Lens Helps In The Media - Posted on 23 October 2018

One of the most difficult tasks facing advocates and policy advisors in late industrial welfare states must surely be navigating the media – new as well as old.

Councils’ bid to make public spaces safer In The Media - Posted on 22 October 2018

As authorities confront violence against women in Australia, experts raise fresh doubts about the utility of CCTV, often a key tool for councils.

Australian PM’s Razor-Thin Majority Is at Risk In The Media - Posted on 19 October 2018

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is facing the first test of his government’s popularity at the ballot boxes since he seized Australia’s leadership two months ago -- and the signs aren’t good.

Universities armed to fight new ‘battlefront’ of cheating students In The Media - Posted on 18 October 2018

Cheating is not unusual but a proliferation of new players here and overseas is making it harder to catch those university students breaking the rules.

UNSW Law and Arts alumna tackles modern slavery Article - Posted on 18 October 2018

UNSW alumna Diyana Mansour says her upbringing in war-afflicted Iraq and her background as a refugee who arrived in Australia in 1993 shaped her passion for public service, social justice and human rights.

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Why duck shooting season still isn’t on the endangered list

It's unpopular with the public and kills endangered and non-game birds – but that hasn't stopped duck shooting, writes Siobhan O'Sullivan.

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