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PPE degree allows students to walk in the footsteps of legends In The Media - Posted on 13 August 2019

Veteran newsman Jonathan Harley says the Bachelor of Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree has many benefits.

Interest in linguistics led Arts & Social Sciences alumna to ‘immensely satisfying’ AI career Article - Posted on 12 August 2019

Emily Shen was exposed to a variety of languages as she was growing up, which sparked her interest in linguistics. “In our household I heard Cantonese and Shanghainese; and Hakka on my mum’s side,” she says. “I also studied Japanese in high school and have been exposed to a lot of Mandarin too.”

One in 10 Aussie kids care for a disabled or drug dependent person – they need help at school In The Media - Posted on 9 August 2019

A study by Myra Hamilton and Gerry Redmond has found children between the ages of 8 and 14 who take care of a family member with a drug addiction or mental illness aren't very happy at, and don't feel all that safe, at school.

On TV, heart attack victims are rich, white men clutching their hearts. Here's why that's a worry In The Media - Posted on 8 August 2019

Deborah Lupton explains why it's time characters on TV reflected not only women's experience of heart disease but those of men from diverse backgrounds if we want to prevent more people dying from heart disease.

Hep C prevention still necessary despite advances in treatment In The Media - Posted on 6 August 2019

A Centre for Social Research in Health report says stigma towards hepatitis C is a big barrier to prevention and treatment.

Having 'the talk' won't stop kids having sex but it will make them safer In The Media - Posted on 31 July 2019

Discussing the birds and bees won't change when teenagers decide to have sex, but it will make their sexual practices safer, a review of clinical trials has shown.

Aspiring Indigenous doctors, dancers, aviators and business leaders plan their futures In The Media - Posted on 30 July 2019

UNSW’s Nura Gili Winter School gives Indigenous students from diverse backgrounds a stepping stone into tertiary education.

Voluntary super: a good way to increase women's dependence on men In The Media - Posted on 29 July 2019

Making super contributions voluntary for people earning less than A$50,000 a year would be a backward step for women.

UNSW Law student wins NAIDOC 2019 Apprentice of the Year In The Media - Posted on 23 July 2019

Ganur Maynard has completed multiple apprenticeships with prestigious law firms in Australia and abroad.

SPRC to investigate engagement in early childhood education under ARC Linkage Project Article - Posted on 23 July 2019

Researchers from SPRC have been awarded $AUD399,000 in the latest round of Australian Research Council Linkage Projects to study engagement in early childhood education in the context of disadvantage.

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Why duck shooting season still isn’t on the endangered list

It's unpopular with the public and kills endangered and non-game birds – but that hasn't stopped duck shooting, writes Siobhan O'Sullivan.

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