Subject Areas

Our subject areas at the School of Humanities and Languages are designed to help you excel your career and pursue your passion in a specialised area of study. Within each subject area, we teach students to think both critically and creatively, to innovate for change and communicate for influence. With a strong emphasis on applying your learning to real-life contexts, our subject areas provide a springboard for success and a unique skill set to future-proof your career.

Your education in Environment and Society at UNSW will provide you with a solid foundation to engage with contemporary social and environmental issues, and become the environment and society custodians the world needs today.

At UNSW, you'll study History to understand how our political ideas, cultural norms and social beliefs have been shaped by past contexts. 

From environmental crises, to flows of capital, and the movements of people, International Studies at UNSW will challenge you to think about complex developments in the world and teach you to interpret what they mean for society.

By studying Languages and Cultures at UNSW, you’ll explore the importance of intercultural communications and the way it has become important in our daily life. 

Studying Linguistics at UNSW will enhance your linguistic expression, improve your ability to learn other languages, and help you develop an appreciation of linguistic and cultural diversity.   

Studying Philosophy at UNSW, you’ll ask fundamental questions concerning the nature of reality, knowledge, society and human existence. 

Studying Translation and Interpreting at UNSW School of Humanities and Languages will prepare you for a career as a professional interpreter or translator. 

Women’s and Gender Studies at UNSW is a vibrant, cross-disciplinary area of study that situates women, feminism, gender, sex and sexualities at the centre of academic analysis. 

Organisational units