HAL HDR groups and events



Date Time Title Contact person
From 16 June - fortnightly 1 pm Workshops on Review goal setting Karyn Lai
Thursdays 4 - 6 pm Japanese studies group Yutaka Nakajima
Monthly on Fridays   History workshop Anne O'Brien
Wednesdays   Virtual writing retreat "Keep calm and write" Mira Kim
End T2/Early T3 TBC   How to communicate your research workshop Grace Karskens & Daniel Robinson
June TBC   Publishing a research paper workshop Kama Maclean
Contact Naomi   History methods reading group Naomi Parkinson
Contact Emily   Traversing New Earth Histories reading group Emily Kern
Contact Jessica   On Arendt's On Revolution reading group Jessica Whyte
Contact Critique Network   Social, Political and Economic Responses to COVID-19 See website
Contact Ludmila   T&I and Linguistics group remote round tables' Ludmila Stern
Contact Paul   The Environment & Society Speakeasy Paul Munro
Contact Aniko   Linguistics Doctoral Student Reading Group Aniko Hatoss

Faculty HDR events

Faculty HDR events list, updated monthly