Research Networks & Initiatives

Humanities and Languages has a number of interdisciplinary research networks and initiatives that bring together researchers from across the Humanities, Arts, Education and Social Sciences. Together, we foster innovative research, challenge traditions and find solutions to today's local and global challenges. 

The UNSW Arts and Social Sciences Biopolitical Studies Research Network brings together strengths in Contemporary Philosophy, Environmental Humanities and Social Sciences. We seek to challenge traditional dualisms, such as those between nature and culture, animal and human, organic and inorganic, immanence and transcendence in order to chart new territories of intellectual inquiry.

New Earth Histories brings the history of geosciences and the history of select world cosmologies together. Our aim is to produce a fresh and cosmopolitan history of environmental sciences, analysing the significance of geological time and multiple cosmologies for global modernity itself.

South Asia @ UNSW brings together a vibrant network of scholars from UNSW Arts and Social Sciences who research and teach in South Asian studies across a number of new and traditional humanities and social sciences disciplines, including: anthropology, history, development studies, politics, international relations, media and literary studies, gender studies, race and ethnicity, the study of border regions, insurgency and militarism.

The Practical Justice Initiative is focused on dealing with some of the most difficult social issues that face our society and the globe today. It brings together innovative research on the theoretical dimensions of justice together with a practical, applied focus on significant social and political problems such as climate change and health.

Critique-A Network in Social, Political and Legal thought, was inaugurated in November 2019, and brings together academics and students at UNSW working in critical theorizing or applications thereof in the humanities, social sciences, law or any other discipline.

Organisational units