Clubs and Societies

Joining a club or society is a great way of meeting people who share your interests.

There are well over 100 registered clubs and societies on campus so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one that suits you - and all Arts & Social Sciences students are automatically members of ArtsSoc.

There are events all through the year put on by various clubs and societies.

O-Week is the time to decide which club or society is right for you, as that’s the recruitment drive, but watch out not to join too many or you’ll be tied up before semester even begins!

View a full list of our clubs and societies.

Arts society (ArtsSoc)

The UNSW Arts Society is for students who are currently studying any UNSW Arts & Social Sciences degree.

ArtsSoc provides support to current students on campus with their university experience. This includes activities such as BBQs, mentoring, parties, talks and other social activities.


Arc is UNSW’s student organisation. They provide everything needed outside the classroom to help students have a fun and rewarding experience at uni.

Some of the services and facilities provided to Arc members include:

  • events and parties
  • clubs and societies
  • member benefits program
  • volunteering opportunities
  • student representative council
  • free legal support
  • short courses
  • postgrad lounge