Miss Amy Johnston


Bachelor of Media (Public Relations and Advertising)

Discipline: Media & Communications

Name: Amy Johnston

Program: Bachelor of Media (Public Relations and Advertising)

Year:3rd Year (2016)

How did you first find out about your program at UNSW?

I went to a careers expo in High School and was given a booklet from UNSW. The booklet contained information about the media courses at UNSW and I thought that they sounded really interesting. I then went and had a look at the website and found out more about the media courses

What attracted you most to the program?

The program sounded very hands on and interesting. I had an interest in PR and the structure of the course sounded fun. I liked the way that the course incorporated both social and print media, thus giving you a good cross-section. I also liked the fact that you were able to do courses outside of your faculty and specialise in one particular area

What do you enjoy most about the program and why?

I liked the practical nature of the course. We were often given real clients to work with and develop plans for. I also liked how we were able to work with other people in the course. I really liked discussing issues and problems with other like minded peers. My favourite part of the degree was minoring in Film Studies. I absolutely loved the film courses at the Uni and the teachers were very passionate

What type of career do you hope to have and do you feel well equipped for it?

I would like to work in Entertainment PR, preferably Film PR. I have a great love of film and entertainment and I would love to work in a dynamic and fast paced industry. I feel well equipped for that industry, due to the things I have learnt at Uni. Everything we did in the course, such as media plans, critical reflections and campaign strategies, equipped me with the skills to work in the entertainment industry

What inspires you most about your area of interest?

The thing that inspires me that most about PR is that it is a vibrant and dynamic industry. From one day to the next, things are always changing and evolving. I like how one day you may be working on a film premiere, and the next you may be in a meeting with Coca Cola.