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Are you moved by words, sounds and vision? Want to gain conceptual and practical production skills? Yep, you’ve found what you’ve been searching for.

In the Bachelor of Media (Screen & Sound Production) you will develop fundamental skills in video and sound production, screenwriting, animation and game design.

UNSW is the only university in the Sydney metropolitan area to offer a comprehensive suite of film studies courses within a Bachelor of Media program that also provides conceptual and practical production skills.

Our Screen and Sound Production degree has an emphasis on developing both conceptual and practical production skills. Students will gain foundational knowledge in film and media history and theory, as well as applied skills in video and sound production.


What you will study

The Bachelor of Media in Screen and Sound Production is a three year degree during which you will study a range of core courses and electives.

Core courses

  • Media, Culture and Everyday Life
  • Time, Space and Experience
  • Publics and Publishing in Transition
  • Sound Media
  • Festivals and Exhibitions
  • Working with Image and Sound
  • Video Project

Elective courses

Screen and Sound Production students will also study elective courses in film studies, media, sound and production. You may also choose 'free electives' which can be taken either within or outside the Arts & Social Sciences.


Work with screen and sound-based media

The Bachelor of Media (Screen & Sound Production) develops practical, creative and conceptual skills in screen and sound-based media with a sophisticated understanding of the theoretical and industry environments of contemporary film and media.

Your career options include:

  • Screen writing
  • Film making
  • Sound editing
  • Game design
  • Music industry
  • Television
  • Creative advertising


Practical experience

When you study Screen and Sound Production at UNSW, you can gain practical experience related to your area of interest in a number of ways.

Opportunities include:

  • elective internship through the Arts & Social Sciences Vocational Placement (Internship) course
  • elective production courses from a wide range of faculties across UNSW, including the Art and Design, Built Environment, Computing Science and Engineering
  • use of advanced multimedia labs, digital video production, post production facilities, animation and audio studios for relevant courses

Overseas exchange program

You don't have to choose between overseas travel and study - you can do both! Spend a term overseas at a partner university and receive credit towards your Bachelor of Media degree at UNSW.

UNSW has over 200 partner universities in over 38 countries.


A fourth year honours program is available for high achieving students in the Bachelor of Media in Screen & Sound Production.

Honours is an intensive study program that provides the opportunity to engage in specialised and extended research, to further develop research and analytical skills and expand graduate options.

Dual degrees

A dual degree means you can study your Media degree concurrently with another degree. You will graduate with two degrees, broadening your graduate options.

UNSW handbook

Degree program structure and academic rules information:

If you are a current student, please refer to the Online Handbook in the year you commenced your degree.

Student Profiles

If you're moved by words, sounds and vision? Want to gain conceptual and practical production skills? Yep, this is the degree for you. See why our students chose to follow this degree path.

Joshua Hauville - Bachelor of Media (Screen and Sound Production) / Bachelor of Law

Alumni Profile
Alumni Profile Constantino Dias Mendes

Check out how Con turned his degree in Sound & Screen Production into a great career!

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