International Studies/Media (Screen & Sound Production)


Want to take your Screen and Sound production career overseas?

This dual degree gives you the knowledge and experience required to communicate global issues through evolving mediums.

The Bachelor of International Studies will challenge you to examine the dynamics of global and regional change, explore key developments in international politics and economics, and evaluate why the world is changing around us.

The Bachelor of Media (Screen & Sound Production) will help you develop fundamental skills in video and sound production, screenwriting, animation and game design.

UNSW is the only university in the Sydney metropolitan area to offer a comprehensive suite of film studies courses within a Bachelor of Media program that also provides conceptual and practical production skills.

Overseas exchange

You will learn through experience as you live and study in another country on a one year exchange program, plunging headfirst into local language and customs. UNSW has over 200 partner universities in over 38 countries and no need to worry, your overseas classes can be taken in English.


The Bachelor of International Studies and Bachelor of Media (Screen and Sound Production) [UNSW BInSt BMedia(S&SP)] is a rigorous five-year degree which includes studies in the area of:

  1. International Studies
  2. Media and Film Studies
  3. Screen and Sound Production 
  4. Language Studies
  5. Overseas Study Program


This dual degree provides you the opportunity to take your skills abroad in a range of diverse and creative roles including multimedia producer, editor, sound designer, director and other roles within video and audio production. You can work in creative agencies as well as government agencies (including foreign affairs), non-government organisations, tourism and trade etc.


International Studies

Vocational placements

As a student in Arts & Social Sciences you have the option to enrol in a degree credit internship course.

Our internship program provides an exciting opportunity for International Studies students to put theory into practice and gain valuable professional experience.

Getting involved

Our students have further opportunities to gain ‘real world’ experience through a variety of options both locally and globally, including:

  • projects in coursework
  • volunteer and paid roles (find out more on the UNSW Careers and Employment website)
  • leadership in student organisations

Media (Screen & Sound Production)

Practical Experience

When you study Screen and Sound Production at UNSW, you can gain practical experience related to your area of interest in a number of ways.

Opportunities include:

  • elective internship through the Arts & Social Sciences Vocational Placement (Internship) course
  • elective production courses from a wide range of faculties across UNSW, including the Art and Design, Built Environment, Computing Science and Engineering
  • use of advanced multimedia labs, digital video production, post production facilities, animation and audio studios for relevant courses


A year-long honours program is available for high achieving students in the Bachelor of PR & Advertising.

Honours is an intensive study program that provides the opportunity to engage in specialised research, to further develop analytical skills and expand your graduate options.


Degree program structure and academic rules information:

If you are a current student, please refer to the Online Handbook in the year you commenced your degree.