Student Experience

Postgraduate student reading on the lawnYour time at uni will give you lifelong memories of good times and great friendships. There's so much on offer to help make your time at uni successful and memorable including:

  • international opportunities
  • professional opportunities
  • clubs and societies
  • mentoring and support


Arc is UNSW's student organisation. Membership is free and in return they provide everything you need outside the classroom to help you have a rewarding experience at uni.

They can provide UNSW Arts & Social Sciences postgraduate students with a number of services including:

  • an exclusive postgraduate lounge with lockers, kitchen, computers and meeting rooms
  • Postgrad Student Department and Postgrad Representative Council
  • over 100 clubs and societies you can join
  • free or discounted tickets to events and parties for members
  • legal help for members
  • access to volunteer programs e.g. working in outback Australia, organising festivals and publishing magazines

For more information about student representation, entertainment, clubs and societies and membership visit the ARC website. Arc are located on the Ground Floor, The Blockhouse and can be contacted on 9385 7700 or via