Postgraduate Coursework

Are you considering postgraduate study?

At UNSW Arts & Social Sciences we’ve designed our postgraduate courses with you in mind.

We have a proud tradition of producing high calibre graduates who are innovative thinkers and professional frontrunners in contemporary Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

Our postgraduate programs are taught by leading academic staff in a supportive and vibrant environment.

Discover the possibilities of a postgraduate degree

Postgraduate coursework students undertake units of study rather than research work, usually through lectures and tutorials. 

Gaining a postgraduate qualification allows you to:

  • Pursue the career you want with industry relevant knowledge and skills.
  • Undertake tailored professional development.
  • Gain professional accreditation and stand out from other candidates.
  • Change your career.
  • Take advantage of flexible study options; many courses are designed to fit around your commitments.
  • Further your passion for learning and research.

UNSW Arts & Social Sciences offer professionally relevant, socially engaged and intellectually stimulating postgraduate programs.

Postgraduate degrees reimagined

We are constantly reviewing and enhancing our postgraduate degrees to reflect the evolving needs of our students and the workforce.

Professional development and accreditation

Our professional development degrees give you more ways to undertake specialisated study and develop your professional skills: 


Many of our professional development degrees also provide professional accreditation, including seven specialisations in the Master of Education and three degree options for linguists:

Streamlined degrees

We have overhauled the structure of our postgraduate degrees to recognise your level of relevant professional experience and offer a structure suited to the individual.

Experienced students will now be able to complete a streamlined Masters degree in just one year; while students with less professional experience will study for 1.5 or 2 years.

Research pathways

Our postgraduate coursework degrees now include straightforward research pathways. Our highest performing students can carry out research within their coursework degree with a view to a future Higher Degree in Research such as a Master of Research or a PhD.

Take the plunge into postgrad
Take the plunge into postgrad Career game changers

Find out how post graduate study shaped Karissa Woolfe's career.