When:22 Feb 2016, 11am - 1pm
23 Feb 2016, 10am - 4pm
24 Feb 2016, 9am - 5pm
25 Feb 2016, 10am - 5pm
Venue:UNSW Kensington
Who:UNSW Arts & Social Sciences
O week

Welcome to UNSW Arts & Social Sciences!

We hope you'll join us at Orientation Week 2016 which will be held at UNSW Kensington Campus from 22 - 25 February. O-Week is packed with activities which will help you make the most of your time at university and start your UNSW journey!

Program information

We will be running a series of program information sessions during O-Week for new and returning students. See the schedule here for the relevant your dates, times and locations and don't forget to come along to the Arts & Social Sciences undergraduate welcome and lunch on Monday 22 February!

Registration is not required for any Undergraduate activities.

For further information email fassevents@unsw.edu.au or phone (02) 9385 8512.