Professor Nira Yuval-Davis Public Lecture

When:14 Nov 2018, 6pm - 8:30pm
Venue:UNSW Sydney, Law Theatre G04
Who:UNSW Students, staff and community

Everyday bordering, autochthonic politics and the double crisis of governability and governmentality

In this lecture Professor Nira Yuval-Davis examines the systemic crises of neo-liberal globalisation: the governability of ‘nation-states’ and the governmentality of their citizens. She explores the rising popularity of autochthonic populist politics as a response to these crises, and everyday bordering as a policy response to both the crises and rising populism. Professor Yuval-Davis uses the changing politics and policies in the UK that resulted withBrexit to illustrate these developments

About the speaker

Professor Nira Yuval-Davis is the Honorary Director of the Research Centre on Migration, Refugees and Belonging (CMRB) at the University of East London. She has been a consultant to various NGOs and Human Rights organisations such as the UN Development Programme, the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, Amnesty International, AWID and the international Investigative Women’s Delegation ‘Justice in the Gujarat’.

Professor Yuval-Davis has written extensively on theoretical and empirical aspects of intersected nationalisms, racisms, fundamentalisms, citizenships, identities, belongings and gender relations in Britain and Europe, Israel and other Settler Societies.

This event is proudly presented by UNSW Arts & Social Sciences, the Gendered Violence Research Network and the Forced Migration Research Network.

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