Meet the New Professors: Arts and Social Sciences

When:17 Sep 2018, 3:30pm - 4:30pm
Venue:The Chancellery - Council Chambers
Who:UNSW Current students, staff and academics
Meet the Professors

The 2018 Meet the new professor series is a wonderful chance for staff and students to celebrate the careers and achievements of our newly promoted and recruited professors. Our speakers will share their specialist knowledge and provide insights into ‘what’ and ‘who’ influenced their lives and careers.

Meet the New Professor: Arts and Social Sciences

Timings: Talks 3.30 - 4.30pm, followed by pizza and refreshments

Registration: Open from 2.45pm


1. Professor Anne Simmons, Pro Vice-Chancellor

2. Professor Leanne Dowse

3. Professor Martin Holt

4. Professor David Blaazer, Deputy Dean

Professor Leanne Dowse

Leanne is UNSW’s first Professor of Disability Studies and a driving force in the creation of the University’s Disability Innovation Institute. She has been a scholar, practitioner and ally to people with disability since the beginning of her professional career as a Speech Therapist in the 1980s and has been involved in the development and promotion of disability studies in Australia since its beginnings in the 1990s. Leanne holds the inaugural Chair in Intellectual Disability at UNSW where she leads a program of interdisciplinary research creating knowledge for social change for people with cognitive disability who experience complex intersectional disadvantage.

Lecture 1: “Tryna Catcha Break”: untangling disability and disadvantage

Positive changes in how we experience, think about and respond to disability over the past 20 years have not been evenly experienced by all disabled people. Many people who have cognitive disability live precarious lives, are over-represented in our prisons, on our streets, in our child protection system, and in our hospitals and mental health facilities. They are out of our schools and workplaces and on the margins of our social networks. Many live in poverty and experience violence and harassment. Our challenge in supporting this group is to understand how experiences of disadvantage and disability cluster and compound, so we may take seriously our responsibility for delivering them social justice.

Professor Martin Holt

Martin Holt is one of Australia’s leading HIV prevention researchers, working closely with community organisations and governments to improve the health of affected communities, particularly gay and bisexual men. He trained in psychology and social science at the University of Birmingham and the London School of Economics. Since 2003 he has worked at the Centre for Social Research in Health (formerly the National Centre in HIV Social Research). In the last decade, he has led a program of work investigating the impact of new forms of HIV prevention, particularly pre-exposure prophylaxis and treatment as prevention, on community norms, attitudes and practices.

Lecture 2: Sex, drugs and HIV prevention

In the early 2000s, effective HIV treatments were transforming the lives of people with HIV, but primary prevention remained focused on condom use and negotiations between sexual partners based on HIV status. Gay men had generated a wide range of strategies to reduce the risk of HIV, making use of HIV testing and other biomedical indicators. HIV infections were, however, gradually increasing in Australia. From 2010 onwards, a new set of strategies were identified, relying on antiretroviral drugs to prevent HIV. The promotion and use of these strategies is radically transforming how safe sex is understood and practised by gay men.


Location: The Chancellery, Council Chambers (C22), UNSW Sydney, Kensington.

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