Indigenous Opportunities

Would you like to study education at UNSW?

Nura Gili, in conjunction with the School of Education at UNSW, has developed preparatory programs, open to Indigenous students who are looking to explore and apply for entry into undergraduate degree programs offered at UNSW in the area of Education.

Pre-Education Program

The program includes:

  • an introduction to teaching
  • academic literacy and classroom interaction
  • how students learn
  • the social context of schooling
  • Indigenous perspectives in education

Go to Teach NSW Teacher Education Scholarships for more information

Program Duration: The Pre‐Programs will be held in Sydney at UNSW.

Venue and Accommodation: The programs will be held on the Kensington campus of UNSW and accommodation is provided for on campus in student college facilities.

Who Should apply? All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who are seeking to qualify for entry into Education at UNSW.

What does it lead to? Successful completion of a Pre-Program may lead to entry into an undergraduate program at UNSW or a pathways (enabling) program.

Cost:The programs are free of charge.

How to Apply?

Applicants must also confirm their Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent as part of the application process.

Applicants must also lodge an application with the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC)for the UNSW undergraduate degree program that the wish to study.

Further information: For more information about the Pre-Program or any other programs for prospective Indigenous Students, contact the Nura Gili Indigenous Programs Unit at UNSW.

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