Professional Engagement

Our ongoing partnerships with key schools across NSW provide invaluable opportunities for our Teacher Education Students. They are fundamental to helping us meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and supporting the professional development of the next generation of Australian teachers. 

We see Professional Engagement as a vehicle for integrating theory and practice. What our Teacher Education Students learn at university is realised in classrooms and experience in schools, which informs and anchors our programs. For this process to fulfil its potential, we build shared understandings and expectations with all our partners. 

Please take the time to read the Profession Engagement Handbook below. We hope you’ll find this informative, but if you have any questions please contact our Work Integrated Learning unit.

We're confident our Teacher Education Students are committed to gaining the most from their time in schools and that, with your support, they'll develop readiness for the challenges of professional teaching.  

Thank you for your commitment to and interest in our Professional Engagement Program.  


The In School Teacher Education Program (INSTEP) is part of our postgraduate professional engagement program. It aims to give teachers an even deeper understanding of the NSW educational environment, allowing the opportunity to observe and interact with a diverse range of students with varying educational needs.  

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